Ledger metamask connection issue, webhid

When connecting ledger nano s to metamask using webhid no compatible device is found if the Ethereum app on ledger is open. If the Ethereum is closed it will show and connect in webhid.
This is a issue because transactions are failing if ethereum app is opened on ledger nano s after initiating transaction.
Brave, metamask, ledger live, and ledger ethereum app all updated. Blind signing enabled. Ledger live closed. No connection issues with ledger in ledger live app. Ledger supplied USB cable connected.
HID devices are enabled in brave, and ledger nano s is showing in devices. I am able to remove and add back as long as ethereum app on ledger is closed.

Using ethereum network, windows 10
Brave version: 1.61.114 desktop
Metamask version: 11.7.2
ledger live updated on 1/9/2024

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