Ledger bitcoin wallet support


I’m user of Ledger Bitcoin Wallet that works using an extension for Chrome that doesn’t exist for Brave. It is possible to port it to Brave? Actually, is the only reason why I’m still using google chrome sometimes!

Ledger Ethereum Wallet support

@sampson : something for you to consider…


Same here. if i had the Ledger wallet extension for bitcoin and ethereum i would start using Brave exclusively


briefly: we’ve looked into it (we are big users of the nano s), but it’s going to require a fair amount of work… no promises, but it’s certainly of interest to me as well!


Any update on this? A lot of us are using Brave since we are drawn to the concept of cryptocurrency but if we can’t use our Ledgers with Brave it poses problems. Thank you.


hello again!

i think there are two issues.

the first issue is whether the brave browser will support sites/applications that talk to the ledger nano s and other USB devices (e.g., U2F devices). much work has been done in that area, and we are entering the testing phase for that work.

the second issue is whether brave payments will use bitcoin. the proof-of-concept was bitcoin based; however, the BAT – basicattentiontoken.org – is what the browser supports now, and there are no plans to move back to bitcoin.

i am not sure whether your question relates to the first issue, second issue, or both, so i have addressed both.

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