Lawrence review after 30min


just somethings id like to say

first off this is a great program from what ive gotten into of it so far
i also love the website showing the people involved in this project gives a face and makes you more personable
not just some man or women somewhere doing whatever

  • automatic new tab option
    if this is in the program i havent seen it not in the tabs in options area
    but if i click on youtube then facebook then whatever its nice to just when going to a new website just get an auto new tab so i can just go back and forth
  • imported bookmarks
    i just created new ones i did import them but the ones imported were put in a file and not laid out so it was useless pretty much for me atleast i switched from google crome to this

i cannot atm think of anything else really but mostly i wanted to point out the good stuff on this program. This is a great program so far.

thanks lawrence


Hi @silveylawrence. Thanks for the feedback

For automatic new tab we have an issue logged for this feature request and can be tracked here

Regarding imported bookmarks, unfortunately this is the current behaviour where it imports into a folder on the toolbar. We have a tracking issue for enhancing the bookmark manager feature which can be tracked here

Hope this helps

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