Launch 3rd Part Apps via Links

I have only recently switched to Brave but when I first started using it everything worked fine. However, I recently did an update and now whenever I go to a link for my video conferencing application (Around) it will no longer automatically launch the desktop application. In the URL bar there is an “Open With” option where the Around desktop application is an option and clicking that does work but why does it no longer launch automatically?

I have tried other browsers and it works fine but Brave is set to my default and is used to opens links so I would like this to work again.

Could it possibly be a new setting or one that I have accidentally changed?

Expected result: I would expect my Around desktop application to automatically launch rather than me having to manually do it.

Brave Version: 1.32.113

To be clear, you’re clicking these links in Brave and wanting it to open the Desktop application by default is that correct?

Yes correct. When I click the link in Brave I want them to open directly in the desktop app

I just downloaded the app myself and tested it – links seem to be opening in the app for me. Have you tried un/reinstalling the app?

After an application update it has started to work again.


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