Latest Version 1.4 No icons Homepage


When I updated to latest version I lost all the icons. Is this something new? I have just a blank page. I deleted the Brave app and downloaded it again to see if it was a fluke, but I got the same thing.

iPad mini


Thanks for bringing this to community. I was wondering if you could clarify what you meant by “lost all icons”? Like icons associated with websites (called “favicons”)? Or is there some other icons are that are missing?

If you are talking about Favicons, do they not re-appear after visiting the site?


FI see a brief flash of the normal Brave homepage and then it goes blank. Works fine on all my other iPads. I’ve tried it with regular settings and then with everything off. And yes, I’ve disabled ad blockers.

This is with regular settings ^^

Everything off of course ^^


Other iPad ^^ with latest Brave version

I was so hoping that a new version would finally put a Home button for ^^this^^ page on the toolbar. I just instinctively press the Brave logo and expect it to be the Home button and I’m disappointed every single time.


Regarding the Home button. If you press the URL bar, the home page does appear for you. Does that work well enough for the Home button?


press the url bar. press the url bar.
On an iPad it makes the keyboard pop up. Did I miss something?


It should pull up all of your quick launch options too, if you have any available.

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