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The latest update of Brave does NOT allow me to get a “handle” resize in upper left corner on my window and videos that use Flash tell me to update to the latest version which I already have.


In order for the devs to be able to fix the issue then they need to know a few basic things:
+Operating system
+Brave version
+Shield settings
+A way to reproduce the issue
Sorry feels bad that i cant help you with this issue more then this… :wink:



Here is the information you requested/need. Some of the technical
information is in the attached Word document.

As far as the resize handles, the problem occurs irregardless of the URL.
The problem is on the upper edge of the window and in the corners. The
right and left sides and the bottom corners are okay.

The URL for the videos are, for example:



Hi Ray
Just to make things straight to you, i am no dev and i was just trying to make the job simpler for them :wink:

But i did test out if i could reproduce the issue and i was still able to get the resize handles but as you said the flash says that it needs to be updated. There is clearly a problem with the flash. Tests were cunducted on Windows 10 with brave 0.13.1!

Is the issue still present with the new update 0.13.1 for you? Hope i could be to a bit of help atleast :blush:


Hi there @Ray

I don’t see an attached document, but I am guessing you’re on Windows? We definitely have some work to do there with the grab handles. We have an issue which you can track if you’re a GitHub user

Priority-wise, we plan to fix this before our 1.0 release :slight_smile:

Apologies you had an issue with it (and @Jacalz thanks for the help- it does make a difference :smiley: )

Regarding Flash, @Ray can you check this out please?



No problem, feels good to help :blush:

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