Latest update Ajax map issue, iPadOS

Prior to updating a short time ago, what I am assuming is XMLhttpRequest or Ajax content appeared fine, and still appears fine on device not updated. After update, Ajax content does not load. Example page links below with content that does not load in most recent update (today 16 March 2016). Please address and Thanks.

Update: 22March2020
Though issue is as described and did not exist in previous version, I have discovered that turning off “Fingerprinting Protection” in Brave settings eliminates the issue of the Ajax (I think) map loading, appearing and functioning. I can’t say if this is a bug or not, not really understanding what Fingerprinting Protection does, but at least the Brave documentation warns of pages not loading correctly when it is engaged.

I suppose this bug report can be safely closed, unless anyone else disagrees.

It seems there is some sort of third-party canvas fingerprinting going on which is blocked by shields. unfortunately, we don’t have the granular settings on iOS similar to desktop. Going to close the thread for now since allowing fingerprint works fine. Once we have shields settings similar to desktop you should be able to toggle between first-party and third-party