Latest Dev update may have broken TABLI (tab manager extension)

Something in the most recent Dev update – Version 1.2.14 Chromium: 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) dev (64-bit) – seems to (or at least may) have broken TABLI.

The TABLI pop-up doesn’t load when the TABLI icon is clicked. The rectangle that the windows/tabs normally display in is completely blank.

I checked this behavior against that in the latest release version: the problem did not occur in the latter.

I also checked for possible conflicts with other extensions by temporarily disabling them one by one & rechecking TABLI, but that made no difference.

Not sure how to further troubleshoot this. Any suggestions?

Replies appreciated.

Just to confirm that something in DEV that is not in RELEASE seems to be causing TABLI to ‘not work.’

This is after a system reset, removal of TABLI, and re-download (via Chrome Store) & re-installation of TABLI.

No issues (error msgs., etc.) are reported and TABLI’s icon displays as it normally does at the top of the screen.

Clicking on the icon, however, just opens a blank window, with no tabs displayed.

TABLI works normally in Release.

Any troubleshooting BRAVE team may be able to do on this will be appreciated. (TABLI had always worked without any problem in all prior versions of DEV.)

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