Latest dev update appears bugged

All of a sudden buttons look and feel weird.
Also blocker is just not doing much of anything. Feels broken.

Should at least block 1 thing on Twitch

Confirmed, Shield broken for all sites I visit.

Hi guys, sorry this was a terrible post. I should of been a little more detailed and consolidated. Ive managed to fix my Brave developer version and update problem.

What happened was this.

I had 3 tabs open, when update notification appeared, I clicked for an update and browser was closed.

Upon relaunch of browser, previous tabs did appear, but shield appeared to be broken. Closing Brave right out did not work or even rebooting PC,… I had to close each individual tab first, and then open Brave for Shield to operate normally.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome Shield! So far I like Brave browser very much. Very much Google Chrome, but with an awesome Shield and Rewards. Thanks.