Latest Bug Report: Brave Nightly (Chromium 74.0.3729.91)


I’m running the latest version of the new Brave Nightly on my Windows 10 desktop.

In the 3+ weeks since downloading. I have received two updates which were in the recently two days and had been opted in to viewing ads and was set to receive “Up to 5 ads per hour”.

The browser functioned perfectly until the two recent updates in which now is the latest version 0.66.1 Chromium: 74.0.3729.91.

The updates were installed without error. However, I am now receiving the error message under the Brave Ads tab: (!) Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region.

I’m reporting the error as a bug because prior to the updates, I was receiving ads on a consistent daily basis. I live in the United States and my region is supported and have an accumulated BAT Token balance which may be, but hopefully not lost.

By submitting my report, I hope to help make Brave a more efficient browser. Overall and besides the Brave Ads bug, the browser functions stable but the updates do not come every day as stated on the official brave website.

Additionally, I would like to hopefully speak to someone in support because when the crash occurred, I had an earned BAT Token balance for viewing and clicking on ads. I would like to know will I receive the money back I earned in the ad program?

Thank you.


Brave Nightly Bug Update: I waited a day and reinstalled Brave Nightly. The opt-in ads feature returned and my balance was recovered soon as I turned ads on. My ad notifications received was recovered without error matching the amount I’ve earned from ads. No further bugs to report.

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what can I understand under reinstalled? have you removed and installed again or started only the installation? I have same issue


I seen this picture. Is it possible that browser glitches occurs when your searching images online that cause the browser to glitch or freeze?

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