Latest Brave Update seems to have scrambled clipboard


Loving the browser so far. Just informing you that the latest Brave update has removed the ability to copy&paste – for me at least – either through right-click, or Ctrl-C/X and Ctrl-V.

I’m running a fully legit and updated version of Windows 7 64x (as per attachment).

In other words, then, I can’t seem to select text in the browser window, and then copy it into other applications or another tab. Annoying when trying to use Google Translate, for example.

Not expecting any “technical support” as I don’t see myself not continuing to use the browser, as I really appreciate the features and am sure additional ones will be added in the fullness of time.

Just letting you ladies and gents know.

Copy and Paste not working

Hi @FredDurst,

Thanks for reporting! Please take a look on this thread Copy and Paste not working and continued the discussion there. I’m going to close this thread for now as a duplicate.


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Duplicate thread.