Latest Brave Update 02/15/2024 Gemini not available in my region error

Hey guys, the browser made its latest update but I got a region error for Gemini. I’m located in the United States. What is the best way to fix this or there is some sort bug? any help or info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

@fmunoz are you saying that you’ve been linked to Gemini on that particular browser and profile for a while? I’m asking because Gemini has not been available for new profiles or users for quite some time now. And even reconnecting an existing browser has been a roll of the dice.

So yeah, more details on your issue might help in providing you a more specific answer and/or in providing assistance.

Yeah, I’ve been using that same profile for a couple of years until very recently, some sort of update happen and now I’m not able to link Gemini on the browser anymore, I get the gray link when I tried to link up again to Gemini. I’m still able to be linked on my mobile device but on the computer I’m using right now is not able to. I tried to uninstall and re install the app plus restarting the computer but no luck. :frowning:

This would be your biggest mistake. Uninstalling is rarely the answer and instead actually risks you losing a lot of data. When it comes to Rewards, uninstalling and then doing another installation would have been creating a brand new profile. At that point, you’d fall into the main idea as seen at which is that Gemini is not supported at this time. It is for Creators only, not for Rewards. And even then, it’s only for USA.


So when you say that you’re getting the grayed out link, that seems accurate.