Latest Brave Shields update is completely broken (With site settings set to clear site data)

I am on Windows 10, Brave Nightly 1.19.2
Remember a few months back, Brave team, when we told you about how the settings in “Shields”, never stayed and saved when we closed the browser?

Well, it’s back, and nintey times more broken than it was before.

This post has been edited to inform you of the solution below.

This should still be hotfixed, despite it being for clearing Site data on exit, not Brave settings

I digress, at least the issue was figured out.

-Faithfully Brave

Works fine for me, (clean Brave nightly profile).

Changing shields in brave://settings sticked even after a restart of the browser.

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Hmm. Is my installation broken maybe? I can post footage. How did you make it into a gif? It might make it easier for me than using streamable.

Just try a clean Brave profile, while I expect more bugs in Nightly this isn’t something I can reproduce.

Try using/testing Brave Beta (more bleeding edge, but a little more stable than Nightly).

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So, as tested. I would lose my BAT if I made a new profile…Kinda glad I checked that beforehand.

cc @Mattches might know about the BAT between Brave builds, but still worth to test your shields issues in Beta.

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I don’t want to downgrade from nightly. I’ll lose my BAT, and would prefer when he is online to negate this this. If anything, I’ll backup my appdata folder and reinstall the sucker tbh.
However, I might test beta in a VM. I’m just not installing it on my physical PC.

Hello @AsAboveSoBelow

not sure if that could be the reason or not

brave://settings/clearBrowserData did you checked this one “site and shield settings”

and have a nice day

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Actually, yeah. I always have it enabled by default. I prefer a no-history workspace to keep my browser fresh. I thought it might have been that or clear cookies/site data on exit found in brave://settings/cookies. Will test this and get back to you.
Thanks my dudes @justsomeone1 and @fanboynz

i do the same as you but clear this one will make all custom settings i choose for anysite to be cleaned and also will reset the general shield settings to standard for both tracker and fingerprint

you welcome @AsAboveSoBelow

Guess we found the culprit. From my testing in a VM, that’s indeed the reason. It recreated it. Thanks again for your help. Hopefully this can get fixed in a future update.

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you very welcome and i like that the general shield settings to be like the other setting not affected by the clear thing