Latency (please, read the post before marking it as spam)

@jordy btw, I thought it’s interesting because I’ve been seeing a lot of Chrome ads lately when I’ve been watching some stuff on Freevee on my Fire TV. Anyway, check them out below. Guess just wanted to point out the things they are advertising. (speed/latency isn’t advertised)

And yes, they made them ALL with the same annoying song. Though been one or two where it didn’t play the entire time.

Just figured might be fun to share as you see it’s all about features other than speed that’s being advertised and targeted. They can’t advertise privacy because they don’t offer it, but they are trying to then focus on syncing, saved passwords, and supposed malware protection.

Except for the second video, all video titles are about automating the browser for the individual.
Firstly, chrome doesn’t have 3b users, because of the individual.
Secondly, on the matter of automating, this is only interesting to an individual who often repeatedly visits the same webpage. Such web services usually are accessed through a mobile app.
Thirdly, latency isn’t advertised, because it no longer outperforms brave.
Fourthly, malware protection is relevant in order to appeal to all users.
Fifthly, having users’ identification papers remain hidden from the public through a browser is not relevant to appeal to all users. If such thing were relevant, then Google, which is one of few trillion dollar companies, would make $0 revenue.