Lately the ads are not paying

Lately the ads are not paying. The Ads appear normally but have not been generating profit for a couple of weeks on both Windows and Android. I have reviewed the options, none have been changed since installation. I’ve even lost some BAT on Android when uninstalling and reinstalling the Browser. I haven’t gotten my December and Januar BAT yet. What’s happening with Brave?

Últimamente las Ads no están pagando. Las Ads aparecen de manera normal pero no están generando ganancias desde hace un par de semanas tanto en Windows como en Android. He revisado las opciones, ninguna ha sido modificada desde su instalación. Hasta he perdido unos BAT en Android al desinstalar y reinstalar el Browser. Aún no he recibido los BAT acumulados en Diciembre ni Enero. ¿Qué sucede con Brave?

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The same happens to me.
Mi succede lo stesso.
Me pasa lo mismo.

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Hi, I have the same issue :confused:

Tengo un nuevo problema, debido a la situación anterior tuve que reinstalar el navegador de mi Laptop perdiendo mis BAT acumulados hasta la fecha, que no eran pocos. Además, al tratar de verificar mi laptop en mi Uphold wallet me aparece el mensaje de “Ha alcanzado el límite de dispositivos verificados”. ¿Cómo puede ser si se trata de mi misma laptop de siempre?
¿Cómo puedo volver a verificar mi dispositivo en mi wallet? Sé que no es problema de Uphold.

¿No hay soporte técnico en Brave que pueda ayudar a solucionarlo?

Ya he probado hacer de todo, incluso desinstalar el navegador de 2 de mis dispositivos y perder otros BAT más y aún así no ha funcionado, el mensaje sigue apareciendo.
Si alguien lo ha solucionado por su cuenta, por favor comparta el método.

Otra cosa, ¿No hay forma de poder ir salvando los BAT acumulados en caso de volver a reinstalar el navegador? ¿Se puede hacer eso en la Brave wallet?

@Fabianmeister Ok, there’s a lot to unpack here and I don’t know if I should do it in Spanish or English. But let me try here.

Yes, this happens when you uninstall. There’s a longer explanation in FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers if you want to look at places such as How do I get BAT? and Where is my BAT from Brave Rewards kept?. If you don’t mind checking there, it will be better than me doing a lot of copy/paste of information.

For this, you need to contact @steeven and @Mattches by sending them a DM with your Wallet Information found at brave://rewards-internals. Those same instructions are shared in that FAQ I mentioned.

This is as I mentioned above and you can see in FAQ. Though particularly, you may also want to check I'm getting a new device, how do I backup my BAT/information? OR I need to reinstall, how do I save my BAT/information? as well.

This also is on that FAQ under When I try to Verify my Wallet, it says Wallet Limit reached!. The shorter answer is for now, you will need to fill out the Wallet unlinking request form which will then be processed by staff. It can take a while, with some having to wait a month or so. Hopefully it can be done sooner though.

This is the worst thing you can do. If you were not verified, you lose all your BAT. Most likely, there is nothing that can be done to recover your old BAT since you uninstalled it. This is the equivalent of throwing away your wallet full of money to replace it with a brand new wallet with nothing inside.

Covered that above. But short version is there is an unofficial way to save by doing a backup and transferring it over manually. Official way to back it up is to have a verified wallet, where BAT is paid and stored. If neither of those are done and you reinstall, you lose everything.

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Oh cool, thanks for your support. I will try to do your advice, I am somewhat new to this platform and haven’t explored it much yet, I hope to be better prepared for a new situation in the future. In any case, I’ll ask you. Thank you very much!

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