LastPass vulnerability: can't disable plugin


Currently, there is a vulnerability and security issue with the LastPass plugin across a number of browsers. I have removed the plugin from the other browsers I use as recommended and am working directly from the LastPass web interface for now as recommended until the issue is fixed. I can’t, however, disable or remove the plugin in Brave and it is interfering with my use of the web interface - every time I click a link in the web version of LastPass, I get taken to the LastPass home page rather than the specific link page. Is here a way to get rid of this plugin until the issues is sorted?


There is an issue logged for it that you can track from here: :wink:


Here is how to do it:
Go to settings > Advanced > View installed extensions… There you can see the Path where the extension is stored, then you just navigate to that path and remove it :wink:


Tried this as you suggested but it seems every time I restart Brave, the LastPass extension gets reinstalled. I like Brave but, sadly, I am unlikely to use it because I don’t like having things forced on me like that, the basic principle is flawed for that reason.


Have you changed with password manager you are using? That might be the cause :hugs: Preferences > Security > Password managers :wink:

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