LastPass Settings Not Remembered On Browser Close


Whenever I launch the brave browser it opens with my homepage and a new tab for LastPass registration (to create a new account). I imagine this tab shouldn’t appear more than once but it appears every time I start the browser. The lastpass login option also isn’t saving the email every time I type it in either even though the setting is checked.

If I go to the Settings > Security I can see LastPass is set as the password manager. I can then go into the preferences to make sure that auto logout settings are set and that the vault is not set to open at startup (just like I would do in chrome).

However, after I save all the settings, close the browser, and launch it again all of the LastPass related settings are gone and I have to configure them again.

Brave is saving all my other settings including my homepage. It just seems to be LastPass related items that aren’t saving.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks for the help in advance.

Lastpass settings not remembered on browser close II

I would love some help too on this subject, please! :3


I haven’t found a resolution and got tired of fiddling with it. I have uninstalled the browser.


That’s too bad, sorry to read that. :open_mouth:


I have the exact same problem. The “How it Works” from LastPass opens every, single time I open Brave. Sometimes it even opens two of the same tab (as on attached pic below).

I’m on OSX 10.11.6, all Brave shields up, but take of scripts for most sites manually.

I messed around with what to do on open, home page options, what info clears each time I close, etc.

Any help appreciated.


It seems that not deleting cookies resolves this problem, but this is not a tenable solution.


I’m not willing to not delete my cookies, so there needs to be an option to allow cookies from specific websites – In this case I want to only allow cookies to lastpass so that Brave will remember that I’m using and registered to lastpass.


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