LastPass Problem


I have used Brave for a few days and have set it as my default. The only issue that I have had is that several times LastPass has failed to function with it. Quite a few times, I would open LastPass sites and the 1st site listed would be unresponsive - part of the time, this site would respond after several clicks as it appeared to be momentarily inhibited and other times, just would not respond regardless of the # of clicks and wait time. Today, I attempted a web purchase using Paypal and LastPass in Brave would not fill the login and password via any method I attempted. I had to go back to Chrome to make the purchase. I think that you are developing a product that looks good, but I will go back to Chrome exclusively if the LastPass problem continues as I use it quite a lot.



Hi @lpars114

Are you still having issues in the latest version of Brave? If so, could you please describe your issue as per the post below so we can better assist?



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