LastPass Preferences won't open

Just installed Brave on desktop (Windows) and can’t seem to be able to set up Lastpass:

In Settings > Security, under Passwords and forms, selected Lastpass and went straight to Preferences (the link right beneath the dropdown list).

Here’s what’s trying to open (but can’t):

Already tried the trick that seemed to work for the OP of this topic on pref’s not opening more than once: went to Extensions, disabled and then re-enabled the Lastpass extension.
But it didn’t make any difference in my case.
Note: Preferences for me didn’t even open once.

Brave version: 0.24.0

I agree. While I’m thrilled LastPass works with Brave - without being able to set preferences LastPass becomes a pain - I have to login to LastPass Every time I launch Brave - it wouldn’t be so bad but I also use 2 factor authentication - it gets very tedious to do this all day long.

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