LastPass Password Generator Not Accessible



OS: Windows 10
Brave version: 0.18.14 (I just received notification of an update)

I often create a password in the LastPass vault by following this path: Site > More Options > Advanced > Generate Secure Password, but as you can see on the screenshot taken while using Brave, the Generate Secure Password option is not there (the other screenshot was taken using Firefox)

Screenshots here (Brave):

New photo by Patrick Power

and here (Firefox):

New photo by Patrick Power


Hi @mylifeontheweb

I think this is due to different versions of the LastPass extension. Could you check both Brave and Firefox to tell us which versions of LastPass each has? In Brave you can find this by going to Preferences > Extensions.

Also, in the mean time, would you be able to generate a secure password by clicking on the icon and using ‘Generate Secure Password’ from the menu below?

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Brave LastPass extension version:

Firefox: 4.1.54

Also… YES!! I was able to use the generator. Either I forgot about that or wasn’t aware of it.

Either way… thanks!


Great, glad that solution will work for you @mylifeontheweb . It seems like less clicks than the first way :slight_smile:



So responsive! Very impressive.

On my mobile (but not my PC), LastPass does not seem to be able to use the site information to know which password to provide to Brave, so it just gives a really long list. Is this because the Android Browser is in its infancy, or am I doing something wrong?


Hi @oreng

Does this happen for all sites or only specific ones?



@LaurenWags As far as I can tell, it does this for all sites (I didn’t test the whole list, just a half dozen).


Hi @oreng

Can you check this setting for me: LastPass Settings->App fill->Edit app fill settings->Brave


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