Lastpass needs to be updated


I am having problems with the LastPass extension. It will not open up unless I click it multiple times, log in or fill in information is not being shown and it won’t add new accounts or update information on old accounts. When I did some troubleshooting, I got a message that LastPass needed to be updated but I could not find a way to do this. Also when I click on the icon, the menu pops up but the top of the menu page that shows a search window is cut off. I decreased the view to 80% but that did not change the size of the menu. I did a search on here and under FAQ and did not see this problem listed. How can the extensions be updated?

Using Windows 10 pro, installed Brave on Friday, have been using LastPass with Chrome, IE and Firefox for several years.


I am trying to load the extension, but it won’t. How did you do it?


Look under settings, advanced, view installed extensions to make sure it is included with the browser. Then under security, password and forms, password manager and click the dropdown window to pick Lastpass. I think once I clicked Lastpass all I had to do was sign in and it began showing up on my toolbar.


I do not see Lastpass under Extensions. How does it get there?


It is built into the Brave browser so did not add it as an extension. That is the problem, if I had installed it than I could uninstall and then install the new extension. Sadly no one has replied to my request for help so I will be looking for a browser that has support should I have problems.


“Look under settings, advanced, view installed extensions to make sure it is included with the browser.”

I looked for it again. It’s not under “advanced” but just click on “Security” > Passwords and Forms > Password Manager. LastPass is there.

Thanks for your responses!

Yes, I agree. It is hard to get good support on Brave.

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