LastPass Master Password

I have been using LastPass as my password keeper for several years and have never had an issue with this until 3 days ago while using Brave. Now, each time I close and reopen my browser the LastPass extension starts off red for about 1 second and then automatically turns to grey and when I click on it I requests that I now enter my Master Password in order to make LastPass active again.

I have my settings in LastPass set to not log me out of it, and have done this both on and in the extension and this is not the problem. I have disabled all other extensions to see if there was a conflict and that doesn’t change a thing.

Yet, when I open Chrome as my browser, LastPass works perfectly and only asks for a Master password in situations that I set this to or for any changes to my LastPass account.

Are there some settings I have missed or that may have been changed in Brave that would cause this to happen. I have also tried other Password Keeper extensions to see if this changed, but it is the same with each of them

Thanks for any help with this matter.

Thank you for reaching out.
Can you try visiting and changing your Shields cookie settings (using the panel in the address bar) to Allow all, login to the extension, then test to see if you stay logged in?

Thanks for your advice Mattches, but that option to accept all cookies is not available on Version: 4.75.0 of the LastPass Extension, and even on LastPass searches on their website, doesn’t have anything close to this.

It seems I accidentally stumbled on a solution. Under Account Options/Extension Preferences, I then clicked on Log out when all browsers are closed, saved this checked area and then opened it all up again, unchecked the checkbox so that it was no longer logging me out when my browser was closed, and then closed the browser and opened it again.

Now everything works as it should from the start, so this is obviously a glitch in the LastPass extension.