LastPass Generate Password Throws Away The Password



On various site registrations one is prompted to enter a desired password. At this point LastPass will provide an icon which one may click to generate the password. One is taken to the password generator as expected. If one then proceeds to register at the website, the normal response of LastPass, which is to pop up a dialogue asking if you want to save the new website registration credentials, does not happen. Not only that, but there is no way to find out what the password was (as it is presented as ******** in the password field of the registration form).

One can avoid this only by first clicking on “shields down” before entering the desired password.


I’m seeing general wonkiness with the Lastpass plugin, but only on Brave. When logging in to certain sites when you select the site/credentials, it leaves both the username and password blank. You have to resort to using the “Copy username” and “Copy Password” functions and pasting them in.

I suspect these symptoms are related to Jabowery’s observations.

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