Lastpass extension not responding

New to Brave-browser, ubuntu 20.
I’ve been using the LastPass extension for a while (1 week or so), and suddenly the extension has stopped responding to click, its home page won’t open up (actually, the extension’s home page is accessible, but it will take a lifetime to get that open up)
Presumably, something is wrong with the browser’s configuration, because I can access the extension settings easily on the firefox browser.
When I want to access the extension, I have to wait a long time, and then after reopening the browser, I have to wait again.
I couldn’t figure out the problem myself; so far, tried reinstalling the browser, removing the cache file and settings, but nary worked.
Any help on this would be appreciated.

What about disabling/re-enabling the extension, or uninstalling/installing the extension, or allow the extension to work in Incognito Mode and see if it works fine in Incognito?

Sorry, I’m just throwing things at the wall to see if it helps :sweat_smile:

As was expecting, didn’t work. I’m curious to know why this has started to happen

Try in a new Brave profile? still no working, maybe try lastpass forums/support?

Looks like something is wrong with my distro as I have the same problem on chromium and google chrome!

The first time I run the extension, I can access its main settings page, but it freezes after a second. I don’t know why.

Frozen page …,…,…,…,…

I haven’t used lastpass for quite some time, have tried a different password manager (Bitwarden or 1password). Otherwise try lastpass forums/support.

I’m getting exactly the same problem. Premium Lastpass user but my Laspass extension is effectively frozen. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the effect the Vault opens in a locked state and then a message offers to opt out of that page or wait. Waiting doesn’t get anywhere. Am on a Macbook Pro running OSX 10.11.6
Lastpass is synced across my macbook, iPhone and iPad and is working fine on the other devices.

Looks like it’s not working in Chrome either. And when I try to install the Lastpass extension for Safari I’m told it cannot be installed for earlier than OSX 10.12
So I have to buy a new Mac in order to use Lastpass? Just a few months after I went Premium? Not good!

Just an explainer on the last comment – I’m running a Macbook Pro 2009 17" screen and it’s still great. But it’s limited to OSX 10.11 because of the previous chip to the current intel chip.

If the issue can be replicated in Chrome, I’ll suggest you seek help from LastPass support, because Chrome is one of their officially supported platforms, and the problem lies with LastPass, not Chrome nor Brave

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