Lastpass Cookie Exception


First of all, Brave is a great product.

I choose to delete all cookies / browser history / etc. when I close my browser. However, everytime I reopen Brave I need to login back to Lastpass with the same two-step verification.

To avoid the login procedure of Lastpass, is it possible to make an exception for Lastpass in the delete cookies / browser history / section?



Bumping this topic.

Still didnt find a proper solution for the Lastpass cookie.

The situation:
After closing Brave in Windows I want to delete all cookies, except for the Lastpass cookie. Thus when I open Brave again, I want to be logged in to Lastpass without needing to enter my pass + two step verification again.


I don’t mind entering the lastpass password: i prefer the security, of course. but it won’t even save my email address and i’d like to find a way to do that.


Any chance the window placement of the #Lastpass #feature-requests:extension-requests can be more centered on the screen? This issue is that whatever selection is at the top, it cannot be selectable.

Example of mouse cursor over selectable option (control/placebo):

Example of mouse cursor over top menu selection:

If not, how can I fix it?


I just installed Brave on W10 and have the same problem: Every time I re-open Brave, I need to log back into Lastpass.
As i see it, I currently only have 2 options:

  1. Do NOT clear cookies when exiting the browser OR
  2. Create a text file on my desktop to store the 15 digit random password for Lastpass.
    Each time I want to open Brave, I then have to also open that text file and copy the password.
    I can then enter my email and paste the password to get past the Lastpass login screen.
    If anyone has a better solution, I’d appreciate your help.
    (remembering the 15 digit random “letter salad” is NOT an option).


It seems like other global settings like blocking scripts are applied to the extensions:

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Hi , Yes I’m having same problem . Saved Lastpass pw clears . Funny cause no problem in FF when clearing all cookies .

Major security problem me thinks . I like to use to popup keyboard and have long pw , when it won’t save pw its painful .
And I do have suspicions that keyboard logger now comes standard with Apple . Have had 2 experiences of what Snowden described where a comment I was editing on a political site , got blocked , the page was locked to me (not the whole site , just the page ! ) , as if my updated comments were found heriticas (as they were more controversial than origonal posts in both cases ; never before happened and have edited my comments .

So , is this a lastpass issue ? Might have to give lp the boot …

Any ideas ??


This is strange because the clear history button give us an option not to clear passwords , so it seems lastpass is dragging feet . I’m aways suspicious when we see of DS interfering .

I may have to abandon LP if something doesn’t change . Try a new system .


I have this LastPass problem even though I DON’T have the setting to clear cookies enabled. I have to log into LastPass every time. It is very annoying…


@aleksod, are you still using the Muon build of Brave? Check “About Brave” to confirm this.


Version 0.55.20 Chromium: 70.0.3538.67 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Are you referring to the LastPass website or extension? If its the extension, we can troubleshoot that and its likely being caused by this:


I am talking about the extension. OK, good to know. Hoping for a fix. :slight_smile:


Did you try the workaround? Allowing all cookies in Shields defaults?


No, and I don’t want to. I’d rather feel protected and log into LastPass every time.


Understandable. I’ll be sure to update everyone once we’ve patched that issue. Thanks for reporting and supporting!