Lastpass can't unzip folder to install

Lastpass disappeared when I downloaded the new version.

I read a post about it and clicked on the download link and it kept coming back that the program could not unzip.

The poster was successful but he was on Linux and I’m on windows 7. Then that question was closed an hour ago.

I need Lastpass.

Tried 3 times.
New version of brave

@freepam, thanks for reaching out!
Since Brave now offers support for all extensions, You can download and install Lastpass the same way you would any other extension!
You can download and install Lastpass for Brave here.

Thanks, Mattches, but, as I said, I went there 3 x and downloaded the file and it said ‘cannot be unzipped’.
Any other suggestions?

Can I see the error message? I was just able to download and install Lastpass extension in release build without issue. Does it appear in your extensions page?

I can’t get back to it right now and I’m busy.

The problem is probably that I have an out of date windows plus something you changed in the last update.

So my question now is, how safe is the Brave password saving? Is it equivalent to LastPass?

Thanks, Pam

I was able to download and install Lastpass on Win7 without any issues so I do not think its a Windows issue. If you’re not interested in finding the solution thats perfectly fine but if so let me see the error message you’re receiving.

To answer your question,

It’s safe, but I’m gonna cc @toml for this one for most accurate answer.

If you’re using an out-of-date version of Windows then it doesn’t really matter what password-manager you use — your machine and all the data you store on it is at risk. And if you’re having trouble installing extensions in Brave, that’s another sign that something untoward might be afoot with your machine.

The password-manager built-into Brave is perfectly robust, but it’s certainly not going to have all the bells and whistles of LastPass, 1Password, or Dashlane. Certainly, you can use it — that’s what it’s there for! But be aware that running unmaintained software is a huge risk.

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