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I searched LastPass for bug reports re this issue but didn’t see it reported. My version and OS info is below. Here’s the issue:

I have 2 Factor Authentication enabled for LastPass. I can install the LastPass extension in the Brave browser, log in to LastPass with my master password, then I am taken to the 2FA screen. There is a hyperlink that causes LastPass to send a code to my mobile device via SMS. That works fine. But, as soon as you click that hyperlink, the entire dialog box becomes unresponsive, meaning: The SMS hyperlink cannot be clicked again, the textbox for entering the 6 digit SMS code will not accept any user input, and the “Trust this computer for 30 days” checkbox will not permit user input.


Brave 0.17.16
rev 2d2ee2f
Muon 4.1.8
libchromiumcontent 59.0.3071.115
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel dev
os.platform darwin
os.release 16.6.0
os.arch x64


Hi @Laramie

We do have a couple of issues logged for LastPass on Github.
You can search for them with this link:

I think this one might cover your issue as it lists the ‘Actual Result’ as “LastPass 2FA authentication dialog box doesn’t go away”, so I think that means it is unresponsive as you note. Could you review and let me know if this covers your issue? If so, I can add your details to the issue. If not, we can get a new one entered.



Hi Lauren:

Thanks for the response. This does not appear to be the same issue. In
the bug report, that user (stshank) appears to indicate that he or she
could successfully authenticate using 2FA but periodically would be asked
to re-authenticate. My issue is that 2FA is not possible – ever. I can
reproduce this issue, without fail, by disabling the LastPass extension and
then re-enabling it. The same problem occurs: 1) I am asked for my master
LastPass account password; 2) after that is entered and “Submit” is
clicked, I am redirected to the 2FA dialog box; 3) the first step there is
to click the “Send SMS Passcodes” hyperlink; 4) once that is clicked, the
entire dialog box becomes unresponsive. The passcodes do get sent to my
mobile phone, so it does work up to that point. The problem is that the
dialog box is then unresponsive, so there’s no way to enter the passcode in
the 2FA textbox.

I’ve done this a dozen times over the past month with the exact same
results every time. Thanks, Laramie


Hi @Laramie

We recently released 0.18.14 which had some fixes for LastPass issues, could you let me know if this is still an issue for you?


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