Last version to work with Mac 10.13?


So I didn’t realize 10.3 was cut off now.
Brave kept telling me to update but made me download from the website. I just thought it was a glitch I couldn’t inside the browser, since it kept telling me to update but couldn’t connect

Now obviously brave won’t open… but I know you offer older versions on GitHub

But there are so many listed… which is the last to support 10.13?


I guess it’s 1.57. I was able to find a Github for minimum to be set for 10.15 but nothing for 10.14 so assuming it’s 1.57
Github page →

Download link →

I’ll also tag @mattches as he will surely be able to help. Thanks!

Thanks Mattches! Was wondering what version it was

Thank you for the help, through that link above I tried installing the


So far everything seems to work, it kept my preferences too even tho I didn’t have an account signed in

Looks like this MacBook is officially seeing the end of its day’s

That’s ok that, I got a Lenovo for a course I am taking, the MacBook is now just acting as a second screen

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