Last Pass Extension



-I use windows 10
-Brave version 0.19.88, rev c29eca6
-Under settings I enable clear all cookies when I close brave.

Here is what I am experiencing:
-Every time I launch Brave it starts with a new tab (which is how I set it up) and a last pass redirect webpage loads at the
following address:

My question: Is there a way to disable or stop the last pass redirect webpage form loading every time I launch brave

See below for a screenshot of what I am referring to.

Thank you


Hi @Courage7,

Is this still happen in latest Brave release (0.19.105)?



@eljuno, yes this is still happening


Hi @Courage7,

I’m unable to reproduce it on my Win laptop with Brave 0.19.105.
Would you mind to disable clear all cookies when I close Brave and see if that’s the problem?


Well that is the problem!!


Thanks for the confirmation @Courage7,

So I think you need to disable that option for now.
I’ll looking for existing issue and forward this to the team.



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