Last Deposit Amount On Publishers Account Hasn't Been Updated Till Now(Now Resolved)

The amount of BATS That I Received on July). Why Isn’t My latest payment being updated???

@steeven @Mattches @cory @eljuno

@steeven any thing about my problem???

hi @steeven @Mattches @eljuno @cory As you can see my last Deposit date is shown as july 9th but i recently received latest payment on August 10. Is is still to be updated? when will it update?

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@TonyStark will update when you cancel on UPHOLD, maybe on September 8,
below your balance mention, the next deposit will be on September 8.

why isn’t it updated on last Deposit Amount???

@steeven any help here for me? please say why isn’t it updating? is there any problem with my account or will it update soon???

HI @TonyStark - this should now have updated. Can you confirm?

thanks It Has been updted

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