Last Brave update killed Gmail

After the last update Gmail quit working it says"error 400 it is an error and that’s all we know".
I am using Brave version 1.37.111 Chromium: 100.0.4896.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Is anyone else seeing this and clearing cookies does not help. Please let me know if you have a fix for this. DD

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Was reported here by another user:

  1. Deleting all my * cookies (via brave://settings/clearBrowserData)
  2. Authenticating to Google again

@dkd2262 can you test this?

Also try brave with the following --disable-features=PartitionConnectionsByNetworkIsolationKey,PartitionExpectCTStateByNetworkIsolationKey,PartitionHttpServerPropertiesByNetworkIsolationKey,PartitionSSLSessionsByNetworkIsolationKey,SplitHostCacheByNetworkIsolationKey

(Brave, rightclick, properties) add in the Target

I did try that to no avail, but I did finally get it to work by turning of shields for that tab and away it went. Thanks so much for all of the suggestions!! I think one helpful person had it right when they said it was a google problem and not Brave. Google wants to make sure you see ads. But Gmail doesn’t flash ads so it just created more confusion. Thanks again for the help.

Did that flag in my 2nd message not help? @dkd2262 hmm

@fanboynz FYI I was going to try flag in a profile that gets the error but it cuts off when I try to paste in target… this is all that pastes


This is entire string in target:
“C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe” --profile-directory=“Profile 1” --disable-features=PartitionConnectionsByNetworkIsolationKey,PartitionExpectCTStateByNetworkIsolationKey,PartitionHttpServerPropertiesByNetworkIsolationKey,P

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