Larger address bar after update

Hello! I use Brave Nightly for daily use, so I identified this issue very quickly: Suddenly, after an update, the address bar became larger vertically. It’s a bit annoying, since it takes even more vertical space that could be saved, it doesn’t come with an option to disable/enable it (unlike horizontally) and doesn’t seem to improve readability, since the font size is still the same. Will we be forced to stay with it like this?

It’s 5 lines of a genuine question, how am I the one ranting (???) I just wanted to know if there’s an option to revert this change, no need to write a whole bible just for a simple yes or no question. Sorry if I’m using the feedback feature to… give feedback. Thanks for explaining it between the rant tho

Hi, @kaisu. The support team will be back tomorrow, and I’m just going to tag @Mattches who was kind enough to pass on some feedback I gave on readability/typography last week.

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Dude, I deleted my comment, why did you even reply to it?
The comment was even removed by the forum, so next time, just ignore it and move on and let it be.

I actually found the cause and solution for the height of the omnibox causing weird issues, no, I didn’t care about the 3 pixels more in height but about the inconsistency in the size of the buttons in the omnibox and the alignment of them.

But I also saw Brave is already addressing this by disabling the flag by default in a PR they are going to merge soon and be available in Nightly and someday in Stable.
Yes, it was Chromium 115, so like I said, Nightly, will always cause these issues, especially when a new Chromium major update happens, if you can’t deal with it, well, Nightly is not for you.
These type of issues have to be reported in GitHub anyway, not in this forum.

Now, be happy and move on, and don’t reply to me, especially if I deleted the comment.

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