Large browser history makes url input unusable

I imported my chrome history. Now it takes about 8 seconds to enter a url. As soon as I start typing, it stops after the first character and loads my history.

It was already reported here High browsing history volume breaks suggestion drop-down

and should get fixed with 0.20 but it’s still a problem. This makes the browser unusable for me.

Hi @simonh,

Unfortunately, hasn’t been fixed yet and most likely won’t be fixed in the muon version of the browser. As you might know, most of the development has been moved to the new version of Brave which will use chromiums native UI components. If the current version of the browser doesn’t work for you, I highly suggest downloading the new version and giving that a go. It’s still being developed so it’s not completely feature complete and might have some issues here and there. However, that URL issue should be fixed in the new version. Some more information:

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