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Hey there,

i am starting to build 2 sites sort of for fun and community of what i want to do they are MY SITES

and one thing i wanted to do is set up a little banner ad on Both and then set up a little better article about this new browser

but to do the Banner design i had in mind i need a Brave Icon that is LARGE… this way i can design the graphic and resize the Brave icone to what i need to match

can someone help me…

i think this is 1 way to promote the Brave browser and helps as well


ps may want to set up a new category for this idea :slight_smile:


Hi Mark - That would be awesome.

Take a look at what we have posted at:

Let me know if you need anything different.




Thanks, those pics and the Brave icon size works for me to tinker with… Mark

with what i am going to do it might be cool for others to do as well

i want to be a promoter or whatever it is but the steps are a little confusing in a way so i am starting here with something very simple even with a new site i am starting and no traffic lol

Take care

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