Large amount of internet traffic on browser startup

Description of the issue:
The brave browser downloads an excessive amount of data from the internet upon startup.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Exit the browser.
  2. Bring it back up again to the new tab or static local web page.

Expected result:
It will start downloading again upon startup even if it was finished when you exited before. This uses up all available bandwidth on slower internet connections so you can’t surf the net.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.9.80 (Xenial 64 bit) for Linux

Additional Information:
I’m on a slow internet connection and this appears to put the brave browser download into some kind of endless loop.

I tried the same computer on a 4G LTE cellular connection last night and it downloaded 5MB on first start and 1.1MB on the the restart. On my own slower connection it typically downloads 15 - 20 MB which takes about an hour. Last night I gave up as it hadn’t finished after 35 MB.

I am running on 64 bit Linux Mint (Xenial) but the same problem was described by someone running Windows 7 x64 with brave version 1.4.95 so this problem isn’t new or limited to Linux. Here is that post:

Does anyone have any idea on how to stop brave from this perpetual downloading.

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Old replies from @sampson:

Unfortunately the Windows Resource Monitor doesn’t tell us much; we can see the addresses that are being reached, but we don’t know what is calling out to them. This could be an extension, or a resource on a website. Fiddler would be clearer.

IP addresses unfortunately won’t be very helpful; if you repeat the same action with Fiddler running it will show you the actual URLs requested. That would be considerably more helpful.

P.S. I noticed a problem after Brave added crypto-wallets, it is still relevant.

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