Laptop version add touchscreen pinch to zoom



I use a Windows 2-in-1 convertible ultrabook with touchscreen, Brave doesn’t seem to support pinch to scale or zoom on touchscreen, it does support pinch to scale on track pad though.

Chrome supports pinch to zoom
Firefox supports pinch to scale(which sucks)

Please consider adding pinch to zoom, not pinch to scale, you might want to try it out on Chrome and Firefox to get what I am saying.


+1 on this request.

I use a Windows 10 tablet much of the time - a Samsung Galaxy TabPro S; roughly comparable to a Surface Pro 3. I’ve found that browsers have terrible support for touch.

Edge is actually the best, as much as I hate to admit it. I really dislike using it, but it’s the only browser I’ve found with a usable UI and decent battery life.

Chrome is second best at the moment - its UI is fine, though small. Pinch-to-zoom works well… but the battery life is abysmal. I get ~6 hours of light browsing in Edge and only ~2-3 in Chrome.

Firefox comes in after Chrome, mostly because of their decision to implement pinch-to-scale. I really, really wish this were configurable but as far as I can tell it’s not. I have no idea what battery usage is like, because the lack of zoom makes it all but unusable.

Brave comes in last in this area. Pinch-to-zoom should be priority #1 for improving tablet usability, but the interface could use some tweaks as well. A “tablet mode” would awesome. Off the top of my head, UI should be scaled to about 200% of the “normal” by default, and the close button should appear all the time. As it is, to close a tab I have to long-press the tab, then click the tiny little “x”.


This is really mandatory for me. I would love a more secure browser but the touchscreen functionality is not good. Needs pinch to zoom and flick left and right to move between pages. That would boost this to the top of browsers for touchscreens. I have been using Opera’s Neon (unusual set up) which is the best for touch along with Edge.


This is a must have. I use a Dell 2 in 1 running Win 10 and only use Brave when I don’t have to read a bunch of Text. I end up keeping both Brave and Chrome open and often have to switch back to Chrome to use the pinch zoom. I would never use Chrome if this feature is supported. Scroll works on the touch screen why not zoom?