Laptop stolen with Brave

My laptop was stolen and I used Brave.
I was receiving BAT rewards. Is there a way to see where and how laptop is connected?

Description of the issue: Desktop stolen Brave installed
How can this issue be reproduced?

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Not through Brave. It’s a privacy preserving browser. There are no accounts and no tracking. Only way you could track was if you installed tracking programs or something of the sort.

@Cris7 Hi and welcome to the community. Sorry to hear your laptop was stolen.

Just curious to know if you were using Sync and had more than one device on your sync chain? It will show the last time your device was active. Not much help but if it is still active, I would be concerned what sensitive/personal data may be compromised.

If you were using autofill settings at brave://settings/autofill, I suggest you change all your passwords and cancel any payment methods you had set up if you haven’t already. If you had other sensitive information stored in other locations, you may want to contact agencies/organizations and freeze, transfer, or cancel your accounts. Pretty basic stuff but just wanted to throw out a reminder just in case.

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