Language Tool, a developing free proof-reading tool


LanguageTool is a proofreading service for English, German, Polish, Russian, and more than 20 other languages.
I use Language Tool on Firefox, my desktop PC, and Libre Office. It’s got a link to install on to the Chrome browser, but I can’t install it on my Brave browser.
I thought Brave was based on Chrome?
Would there be a chance that in the future, apps like this will be “installable”; ?
As I age, and my digital dexterity abilities deteriorate faster than I can adjust to, tools like this are becoming increasingly useful, if not essential.
I think I looked through all the available add-ons you show on the site, but all I could find was Grammarly, which I find automatically displays script which actually covers over what I am looking at !.
I would be interested of the sort of timescale you are looking at as to when Brave will be a quality replacement default browser, instead of the partial version available now. Mant thanks for you time and patience, I do not expect any form of response until someone is nice and ready, and until then, I shall try and practice using the Community pages,'cos at the moment, everything seems to be written by people more deeply versed in the why’s, how’s, and wherefores of Community activity than I am. Please excuse my ignorance; I’m still stuck in Windows XP Land ! Regards and Best Wishes,Iain Butcher

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