Language setting - Please add English (UK) within language drop down menu


Please can English (UK) be added as an additional entry in the drop down menu?

Un-American English
Dictionary British English

UK English is US English, as the US comes from the UK




If I’m not wrong, en-US and en-GB has little difference. And it’s “normal” to have en-US and en-GB listed as language option. :slight_smile:


Hi @QuentinC,

Thank you for your request. Sadly I need to say Brave currently not support English (UK) / en-GB. The progress is still 0%. :frowning:

Translation is mostly done by contributor. If you don’t mind to help localize (translate) Brave to en-GB, it would be helpful. :slight_smile:

Here’s some information to get started (if you would like to help) :wink:

  • Brave use Transifex for localization effort. You can create an account if you don’t have one.
  • And go to this en-GB language project
  • Click Join team, and if your request accepted, you can start to translating!
  • For translating, click resource (eg. that you want to translate. And then click Translate button.
  • Voila! Start translating the available strings. :slight_smile:

Once the progress reach 100% (all resource translated), it will include as language option.

Hope this can help answer your question.
Thank you,


@eljuno, yes thanks. :slight_smile:


if you finish translation, please ping me or @aekeus to include English (UK) to the pull down. It won’t be added automatically. best,


@suguru, I think it’s already 100% translated (0% reviewed). :wink: @QuentinC do it like magic. :smiley:


I forwarded to the team that the translation has been finished.


May i ask how this is progressing?. :smiley:


The entries have to be reviewed by the reviewers.

“English (United Kingdom) (en_GB) 10 strings to translate 1,159 strings to review”

@suguru or @aekeus, if someone could prompt the reviewer(s) .


All 10 new strings have been translated -awaiting 1169 strings for review.


actually reviews are not mandatory. currently we manually run a script to download languages from transifex and that script needs to be configured to download en_GB as well. I’ll ping the team on that.


Hi @banko,

I can say the language will be listed as an option in 0.20.x. :slight_smile:

Nice work and thank you @QuentinC for helping! :lion: :uk:


@eljuno, no problem, hopefully others will find this extra drop down entry useful. :lion:

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@QuentinC @banko Just an update ICYMI. The latest stable version of Brave, 0.20.30 have English (UK) as language and spell-check option. Set via Preferences > Advanced. :slight_smile: