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When I select language, on brave search engine, Portuguese is not the same as Brazilian.
So, should appear only site in Portuguese, avoiding for example all .br. thanks for this browser. Really good

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It seems you are confusing language with domains.

Language Portuguese will search for any content in Portuguese, regardless of its location. There is no such thing as “Brazilian”.

If you want to search websites with domain “.pt”, then you have to add this in your search keywords using the following “site:pt”

You can try it yourself. Just make the following two searches and compare.
“site:pt carros”
“site:br carros”

No. I am not confusing. Portuguese from Portugal is not the same language of Portuguese from Brasil. They could have a lot of similar base, but also a lot of difference. And this was just a suggestion, because, once more, Portuguese is not Brazilian (Portuguese from Brasil) example? Sure, metro and ônibus., Same thing different word. Regards.

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