Language request - add Hebrew


I really enjoy using this browser and first of all thank you for doing this.
Is there a chance that in the near future you will add Hebrew to the languages options?


Hi @DanielMHFC,

Currently, support of languages is mostly done by contributors. From what I saw is, Hebrew (he) language still around 3.2% in completion of translation.

If you know someone that can help to translate it or if you have interest and willing to help translate it, here’s some information to get started:

  • Brave use Transifex for localization effort. You can create an account if you don’t have one.
  • And go to this link and search for Hebrew (he) language project.
  • Click Join team, and if your request accepted, you can start to translating!
  • For translating, click resource (eg. that you want to translate. And then click Translate button.
  • Voila! Start translating the available strings. :slight_smile:
  • Once the progress reach 100% (all resources is translated), let us know so the team can include it as language option.

Hope this can help answer your question.
Thank you,


Thank you, I am native in hebrew so I will try and be happy to contribute as much as I can. :slight_smile:
Also thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:


You’re welcome and thank you for helping. :smiley:
I’ll leave this thread open so you can send PING! when it finished or if you have any questions.



After localizing and Hebrew becomes available, let’s tackle with this issue :point_down:

Obviously the browser is yet to have been optimized for RtL layout (ツ)


@eljuno @suguru
Currently translated 295 values. Hope to help as much as I can so that everyone can use it. :slight_smile:


@eljuno When translating, I sometimes get a yellow warning sign saying some words are missing, but I do write them within hebrew context words or as they should be transalted in hebrew(nouns/verbs). Do the translations still get saved and submitted?


Hi @DanielMHFC,

Is this something like this?


It’s tell you that your translated string don’t contain text from glossary for some words. Like you use לפי בררת מחדל when in glossary it’s written as לכתחילה, לפי בררת מחדל for term by default.
(I’m sorry if I take the wrong Hebrew text, I use translator to pick the by default text)

Personally, you can ignore this if you think you write the right one. I face it few times and ignored the warning. And It’s still saved, don’t worry. :slight_smile:

@suguru, I think we need to temporary disable this warning? Since the glossary is still need to have some work. Like I still need to add/change some term for Indonesian.


Exactly, thanks :slight_smile:



I’m a Brave user with an interest, but not currently proficient, in Hebrew.

Following this thread’s development.

Bless you,