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I’m using Brave as my browser and Proton VPN. The VPN is based in the Netherlands. Sometimes when I search, sites come up written in Dutch. Is there a way to set Brave so that only sites written in English will show in a search?

@gordon14118 Make sure you go to brave://settings/languages and have your language set. IN that same place, you can choose to turn on Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read.

Keep in mind that if the site is written in a specific language, such as Dutch, then it won’t load in English. But if you have the translation turned on, it can then convert it to English.

As to searches, all depends on which website you’re using. For example, on Brave Search you can change Search Settings. For example…I’m going to do a search for bicycles

Once search is done, you can change setting for location. I circled the place below:

Once you click there for the drop down, it will then let you pick location.

That would narrow results to that region you choose, at least in language. Other thing is kind of next to that is the option below, which you may also need to change:

bicycles - Brave Search - Brave 9_21_2022 12_35_45 PM

I say that because if it’s “localized” then it will base on your IP and all, so more likely to link to Dutch if you’re using Dutch IP. But if go global and have your regional thing to English country like United States, then you shouldn’t see any website in different languages.

Thanks Saoiray for your very prompt reply.

From what you say, I think the search results must be written in Dutch only as I’ve already got the language set to UK or United States and also selected the translate feature.

As for the search, I’m using Google rather than Brave, so maybe that’s why I can’t select the region.

Once again, many thanks for your reply.


Yeah, for Google you may need to go to Advanced Search in order to have any options like that. Of course, you could just ditch Google and try to start feeding into Brave Search. While it may not be as completely accurate yet, the more people using it and contributing will help improve results greatly.

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