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I am trying to install ADOBE flash player, however the website opens in Japanese (I am based in Japan). At the bottom of the page, there is an option to change country, however even though I select USA, it still refuses to open in English. I am also trying to use google translate, but that also by default opens in Japanese and since I cannot read Japanese, this is frustrating. Trying to access Google Translate via Google page also goes to Japanese website. This is frustrating when using Brave and I have to then switch back to Chrome (which I do not want) to access these sites.


hi, on which url is it?


The below websites are those that I tried to change language: - This website, at the bottom left, you can change language, however even after selecting United States, it still opens in Japanese Even though this is the .com site, it still shows in Japanese

Even google home page when selecting does not open in English

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