Language not changed

Description of the issue: pt-PT-3-0.bdic file has wrong terms, badly spelled
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. type ‘contato’.
  2. it should be flagged as a typo
  3. right click on a link on a pt_PT desktop and see the wrong (incomplete?) translation

Expected result: the correct word is ‘contacto’; ‘link’ should be ‘ligação’

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.26.67 Chromium: 91.0.4472.114 (Oficial Build) (64 bits)

Additional Information: Also I have Brave set to use British English, but it always changes the language to the system locale, which forces me to use some kind of dialect for Portuguese, with English words like ‘link’, Brazilian words like ‘gerenciar’, etc.

Question 1: How can I edit the dictionary, in order to remove those typos?
Question 2: How can I force Brave to always use British English?

Best regards.

Hey pmraps,

In regard to the typo issue, some typos do slip through. Unfortunately, there is no direct way for users to fix this issue.

The language settings are based on your system settings, so if you want it to be in British English, you have to change your system settings. What you see in brave://settings/languages is for spellchecking. If the spellcheck is off and Portuguese is not selected, then you won’t see words being incorrect.

On the note of “contato”, it’s giving me the red underline on here, but not on Google, strangely enough.

Shown below:

Hello Adrian,

you shouldn’t use Google to translate/test Portuguese. All you get is Brazilian, which, by now, should be considered a different language, not a dialect. Try DeepL and be sure to select Portuguese, not Brazilian.

Thank you for your answer. Could you suggest the developers to add an option to select the language? It would be much appreciated.

I do actually use DeepL quite often, just didn’t use it for this image, although perhaps I should have. Didn’t realize that Google didn’t bother differentiating the two.

The best I can offer you is making a separate post as a feature request. Granted, not all of those will be implemented immediately, but more popular ones might get added in sooner than later.

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