Lag when there is a GIF or video preview

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There is lag for a couple of seconds or maybe 3 seconds when I’m browsing and a GIF or video preview comes to the browsing , the browser stops for seconds to load the gif or the preview and when it’s load the gif works and then I can scroll down to see other browsing stuff
iPhone XS Max
iOS 14.5.1
This is the link to show you what I’m talking about


Hi @Agab, welcome to Community :smiley:

Do you see this issue across other browsers?
Can you please provide me your Brave Version?

Salty :banana:

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No it’s not on the other browser I have safari Firefox chrome google DuckDuckGo and Kode browser , and it’s only on brave.
I always want to use brave to navigate the web but this problem makes me go back to safari or other browser.
And this problem started since I guess in the last 3 updates or 4 I’m not sure even in my latest version which I have right now. 1.25 (

I saw an update now the 1.25.1 ( and it seems the problem have been fixed I hope forever
Thank you for the update and there is some other problems I’m gonna post later
Thank you

Awesome to hear.

Happy browsing,

Salty :banana:

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