Lag observed when shield is down or part of it set to "allow all"

Hi, I’ve been encountering major lags (e.g. 5+ seconds lag) on login text field and some other links on some sites when the brave shield (or part of it) is down. This happens on both Windows and Android.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to, for example, RBC site
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. Turn off the shield for the sign in page.
  4. You should be able to see the lag by playing with the text field (e.g. click on it or type in it).

The lag happens 100% when the shield is off. And it happens often when part of it is set to allow all.

The site seems to be smooth when the Brave Shield is up. I’ve tested the site with Edge and Firefox, and the site ran without any lag.

I think I am now quite sure that it is the “Trackers and Ads Block” setting. No matter if I turn it off in the global setting or site setting, the lag clearly happens.

Like I mentioned before, the site works smoothly on Chrome/Edge/Firefox.

@pmgying I just went and did everything you mentioned. Unlike you, I had no lag at all with or without shield activated. Others will have to check it out, but if it can’t be replicated then it’s a question of whether it’s something only local to you.

That part aside, I have to ask…why are you turning off the shield anyway?

I figured somebody probably l had a look already. I was just adding what I noticed to what I originally reported.

As for why I want to turn it off, I know well there are too many ways a site can be broken. When visiting sites for serious tasks, I prefer to remove all the guards and let everything run as designed to avoid issues.

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