Lacking performance

Brave lacks performance. Brave knows no performance. Brave doesn’t know that 1ms delay costs a broker $4m
I’m still waiting for brave to get on with it already, so to speak. While brave is loading, I’ve already searched my 100-part print encyclopedia books, so to speak.
Browse performance is what attracts users.

Thanks for writing in @jordy. Are there specific sites that are slow to load for you? What Brave version and OS are you using?

OS: windows 10
Version: beta 1.42.65
I was specifying to neither any individual, nor me.
I don’t experience speed issues with brave. Yes, I know, I just said I did. Look, I’m just using myself, to explain things. Brave gotta be faster than a flying saucer. I believe those things travel like 80 light years in 15 minutes.


Also on Windows 10, with Brave version 1.41.100
When trying to go at
There are so many performance issues that I have multiple messages saying “do you want to wait?”
Well, for this site at least, I had to switch to Firefox, because I cannot navigate at all with Brave

The ‘what do you want? Exit/page’ issue happens to me every so often. It’s not the issue I’m talking about. I talk about brave’s overall webpage loading performance. If pages don’t load within a split second, then billions of users will never get to using brave.

Was this the first time you tried edibles?

Was this the first time you use lame weed jokes?

Probably not. Once I used the word moonshine.

I never heard drunk or stoned people talk about performance

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