Lack of support

having only just been persuaded to use this browser, i am already pissed off by the total lack of support (no link, no chat no email),

and the fact the it doesn’t/cant move to new tab by default or any option

like anyone with half a brain might work out that the reason you open a new tab is BECAUSE YOU WANT TO USE IT!!! it ain’t rocket science - it is very basic common sense

so i think i may as well leave and go back to browser that has some modicum of base level support and where new tabs open automatically

like, how

Hey there!

You are using the support right now, which is this community :smiley:
I agree that it’s unusual to not have an email support, but I like the idea of this public forum, where a lot of eyes can see and work on your problem, employees and just other users as well.

I can see that this feature would be useful to be implemented, however I never thought about it that way, as I usually like to “collect” tabs in the background before opening them. This might be a good idea to include in future development though. I just found this post, which would suggest that someone is currently looking into this.
For now, could you try to press Ctrl + Shift while clicking on a link you want to open in a new tab? It’s not the most comfortable solution, but it works.

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Thank you for your repopnse

i do NOT regard a peer-based community support as ‘support’. Too many companies totally hand off support and take total advantage of their user community (and usually never fix anything either eg Xero)

thank you for Ctrl-Shift tip

kind regads

Hi there @dec – sorry for your frustrations! We’re a small team, so directing people toward Community generally works best for us.

What platform are you on? Are you using the newest version? cc @Mattches

You have NO contact details of any sort.

What does that say about your attitude to customer support and service?

And you want the user communiuty to do it for free fpor ytou

and just like so many other software/web service businesses, you never listen or fix anyway. The forum is just a cheap way to distract users from what YOU should be doing

the case of not having ̣default option of moving focus to new tab/window is just a clear obvious example


don card

People working together to solve a problem tend to solve that problem faster than someone working alone. Community is a great place for support for that reason.

It sounds like you want the option to control default new tab/window behavior – and that’s super. Next time you would like to see something implemented in Brave, please open a Github issue or drop it in the appropriate category here on Community.

Please be respectful to our staff and members if you want to hang out here.

Howdy @dec. As a user who’s taking a break from official duties to post this, I take your point about the forums distracting users from what they’re supposed to be doing. The following comments apply to many browsers in many operating systems, not just Brave in Windows, and are worth at least trying.

Ctrl-Shift-Clicking (Cmd-Shift-Clicking on Mac) on a link does what you want - opens the link in a new tab with focus in Windows browsers (Brave, Firefox). My memory is this works in Linux, too, but I’ve not used it in a few days.

A couple more mouse tricks:

  • Holding Shift while clicking a link will open the link in a new window that gets focus. The single tab in that window can be dragged to the tab bar in the original window if desired.
  • Rather than Ctrl-clicking, you should be able to click the scroll wheel (if you have one) to spawn a link in a new tab (probably without focus).
  • Right clicking a link presents a contextual menu including several options for handling the link. Sadly, selecting open link in new tab still has the tab behind the originating tab.

Some tab tricks:

  • Tabs can be reordered by dragging.
  • Dragging a tab out of a window creates a new window with the tab.
  • Tabs can be dragged between windows.
  • Right-clicking a tab offers options including bookmarking all tabs in a window in a designated folder, including a new one that you can name at the time.

On the mouse button thing, there may be additional options in the settings application for your mouse/pointing device. I believe Logitech offers some, but do not recall if it extends into browser responses to different buttons.

Good luck, and good journey if you leave Brave. At least you can use these tricks in other browsers, especially Chromium-based ones.


It occurred to me that the tricks I posted might be documented somewhere, so I searched and found this, which includes a lot of things most users know, but some less commonly known (many I didn’t know) tricks:

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Funny how you simply ignore the fundamental issue of there being absolutely NO conact details or email or support BY the software developers

and the ‘common sense’ tab behaviour fix or option which is really a side issue compared to the fundamental lack of contact details and support, has been raised before, but of course not fixed.

And “community” is all very well and good, but not so much when it is used as a free REPLACEMENT of any support by the developers.


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You can find us and get support from:

If you fancy yourself a dev:

There’s also our Help Center for basic troubleshooting and documentation and our official website has links for anything else Brave related, listed in the footer of the homepage:

As for your tab issue:
At this time, the exact feature you have is not yet available. For now, the very unfortunate working is having to hold ctrl + shift while clicking on a link to open it in a new tab and jump to it:

As @Medjan kindly added, you can also shift + click on a link to open that link in a new window and jump to it. Alternatively, you can press ctrl + click to open a link in a tab in the background.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

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