Lack of Imprtant Settings


Like most Software I find on rthe web, it appears the choices are meant for only YOUNG people whose eyesite is so sharp that SMALL menu text abd NO Toolbar are somehow preferable to what has gone before.

ALL text including UI text should be configurable. This browser is creatyed by someone around long enough to KNOW THAT.

C’mon! Just because Mobile devices seem to rule in this timeframe, don’t drop the ball on Desktop users.

In fact, rthe PC or O/S shouls give you a major cluie what the user is accustomed to regarding font Fqace abnd Size. I know DEFINIELY that windows-7 gives this info to installed applications, especially dotNet appds and thru SPInfo.

Yet. like so many other app developers, this app ognore User needs along thee line of U/I.

That is why I am deleting it right after leaving this feedback. Its not friendly to my eyes. I can do better.

Be advised.

LP aka stockvu


Hi @stockvu. You can use the default zoom level to change the font size of the pages you visit. This is available under advance settings

For the font size relating to tabs we have an issue logged to change it and should be available in future releases. You can track it here


I’ll second the OP on this one. Changing the zoom level is not what I want. This changes the size of all the elements on the page, not just text. All I want to do is bump up the font size a little. Is there a way to do just that?


This has been fixed in the latest releases of Brave.

@stockvu @boloround let me know if this doesn’t hit the mark, thanks!

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