Lack of Customization


I loved the old design of Muon and how we had so much control over our settings, and that was one of the main features that kept me using this browser over chrome. Unfortunately, the limitations of brave core are not allowing users to have the same control.

Some features I liked included the ability to change how the search bar behaved, our password manager, strict site isolation, and the size of our toolbar. We even had the option to disable Google Widevine. This is all gone and the new feel of brave is just google chrome.

Will there be any changes in the future to restore these options or will the new brave just be Chrome+?


Hi @CallOfTheMoose,
Thanks for the feedback and for using Brave. :slightly_smiling_face:

As you may know, this new version is in active development and many things still being worked on. Including a plan to make it more Brave, etc.

The migration just make it “easier” for the team to maintain the stability and so the team can focus more on Brave main feature like Brave Shields, Brave Rewards and Brave Sync.

If you need to use 3rd party passwords manager, you can get it from Chrome Web Store for now. It should work.

It’s enabled by default, IIRC.

Widevine is still opt-in. You need to install and run Widevine if you visit DRM-protected content for the first time. The setting is under Settings > Content > Protected content.



Oh wow, I did not know that.

Thank you!